Welcome to the WKYT closings page. Our automated system is the easiest and fastest way to get your closings, delays, and cancellations scrolling across the bottom of the screen on WKYT and The CW Lexington. Your closing will also appear on wkyt.com. To ensure unauthorized people don’t change the status of your school, business or church, we require your unique organization ID and password each time you would like to use our service. When inputting information for the optional second status line, please use the following guidelines: Do not be redundant by saying the same thing as your main status. Keep it short. Maximum three to five words. The more you write the more difficult it will be for viewers to see on the screen. Please note that not using our automated system and asking for your entry to be manually inputted could result in unintended delays. On days with major severe weather, heavy call volumes can make it difficult to get through to our newsroom and creates a backlog of requests for manually entered closings and delays.

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